What are these red dots that have started appearing on my body?

These red dots and spots can appear on the face, torso & limbs and are referred to under several names as; Blood Spots, Cherry Angioma or Campbell De Morgan Spots – named after the English surgeon CampbelMorgan (1811-76).

Blood spots

They are of no medical concern and are simply small blood vessels that have burst or ruptured just under the skin. Although they are mainly foun on the torso, they can appear anywhere and the older they are, the bigger they usually are. Campbell De Morgan Spots or cherry angiomas are not in anyway harmful, but these red blood spots can be unsightly.

It is believed that the average 30 year old has at least one Campbell de Morgan spot and some people are more prone to them than others. But certain medications can have an effect on the vascular system, as can any activity which involves straining or impact, such as weight lifting, contact sports, childbirth, heavy exercise etc.

I personally catergorise blood spots into 3 particular stages;
• 1st Stage: Very small red dots on the skin – so simple to treat and literally takes just on second each.
• 2nd Stage: A little bigger and slightly raised – again, very simple to treat at only a few seconds each.
• 3rd Stage: Up to the size of a Smartie – pronounced with a good blood supply. These larger ones not only take longer, they can often require a second treatment to fully erase them.

Treatment Process
There are several options available, including; lasers, Cryotherapy, excision and Sclerotherapy, of which some safer and more cost-effective than others. By far the safest, cheapest and best for results is simple cauterization with ACP Using a tiny needle the size of an eyelash with a blunt tip, heat is released which uses diathermy to cauterise and shut down the blood vessels within the blood spot. A tiny scab forms on the larger ones due to more tissue being treated. The scabs drop off around a week later and the skin regenerates further over the coming weeks to reveal new fresh skin, free of blood spots and any scarring.

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