What do apples and humans have in common?

If you are over the age of say 40, you will probably notice a gradual deterioration in the condition of your skin. Marks and blemishes may actually be appearing where there was nothing before. To me, it’s a bit like when you leave a freshly picked apple on the side for a couple of weeks. That lovely looking crisp apple is the equivalent to a person in their late teens. But after a few days, you’ll notice that it starts to lose that freshly just-picked glow about it. This could now be someone in their 20’s.

Youthful skin

After a few more days you pick the apple up and look a bit closer at it. Its certainly lost some of its lustre, but it still has its appeal, just like someone in their 30’s. But you pop it back in the fruit bowl and grab a banana.

A few more days pass and you fancy an apple. You pick it up an notice a few minor crepey lines on its skin and it doesn’t feel quite as firm as it used to. No problem though, you bite in this equivalent 40 year old plus and all is still good. Yes its had better days, but it still appealed to you.

You fancy a quick healthy snack a few more days later. Looking into the fruit bowl you pick out the last apple next to a banana. Hmmm… it feels softer, has more lines and wrinkles and a few dark marks on it. It also seems to have somehow shrunk in size. You’re not to sure about it now and not convinced you really want it anymore.

Aged skin

Let’s be honest, getting old sucks! But rest assured, not one person on this planet is exempt from the aging process. And some will actually accelerate the process by their poor diet, smoking, sun exposure and other environmental factors.

At nearer 60 than 50, I’m qualified to say this every time I look in the mirror. If I’d known back then what I know today, I would have been more respectful to myself. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing isn’t it? And if I’d known that bananas age other fruits next to them, I would never have put my apples anywhere near them.

Look after yourself as best as you possibly can. You’ll be healthier and look great for your age. Your body will be grateful and thank you in its own way.

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